Jon Avila denies courting Nikki Gil


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Coverboys hottie Jon Avila, who just recently came back from a well-deserved week-long vacation in the U.K where he also attended his sisters wedding, is ready to set the record straight between him and Nikki Gil. The Bench underwear model finally talks about the incident that happened during last month’s Star Magic Ball where Jon was seen escorting Nikki throughout the event and her rumored ex-flame Geoff Eigenmann was reportedly miffed at the outing. “I arrived at the event alone. I really had no date that night. Nikki also came by herself so they just paired us to walk down the red carpet together. I just wanted to be a good escort, so I gave her company before the program started. She was the host so it’s not like it was a date or anything,” Jon explains.

Sources say that Geoff was surprised when he saw them together because it was the first time Nikki was seen in public with another guy. “Me and Nikki are going on a U.S tour along with the other Coverboys next month, so I thought spending time with her at the Ball would be a good opportunity to get to know her more. The other Coverboys are more familiar to her, so I just wanted to be friendlier so that we’ll be more comfortable with each other when we do our shows,” Jon adds.

Although Jon doesn’t deny his attraction for pretty morenas, Jon is quick to say he has no plans of courting Nikki now or in the future. “I don’t know why I keep getting myself into situations like this, just like what happened before. I would never want to hurt anybody’s feelings or be misinterpreted like that because I’m not that kind of guy,” he shares. When he found out about Geoff’s reaction, Jon quickly sought out the actor to clear things out and apologize, despite the fact that people around him were discouraging him from doing so. “They were telling me that I don’t need to apologize since I wasn’t doing anything wrong. But I don’t like to make anybody feel like that. I know what it’s like to be hurt like that and it makes me feel bad knowing I was part of the cause. I was really sorry it made him feel that way and it bothered me to know that,” he confesses.

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