Being Jon Avila


Written on 9:27 PM by Blogtopia

When the housemates got out of the confession room, Gaby was tasked to pick a name from the fishbowl. She then picked Jon's name, and all of them immediately wore the colorful boardshorts that Big Brother gave for them to have a more "Jon" feel. They also improvised their sandos, the sexy wifebeater being the signature outfit of the Fil-British hunk. Of course, the housemates all spoke in a deep voice with a matching English accent.

The other housemates also thought of holding a coffee mug and nibbling on the stirrer while relaxing in the garden. Incidentally, they frequently catch Jon in this familiar pose. However, Yayo was puzzled on how could one find pleasure in biting a piece of plastic since after a few minutes of doing so brought a strain on her jaw. On the other hand, while Jon was busy grilling seafood for lunch, he could only laugh as he watched his good friends turn into a bunch of copycats. Ethel even carried the oven toaster with her because apparently, Jon was given by his Kris Kringle "parent" last night some special french toasts kept inside the toaster. The sexy-comediane even shouted "I am not a user!" probably to make a joke out of the "user" accusation that she once made against Jon over a month ago.

Another thing that made Jon laugh was watching his close friend Mariel copy his moves. The pretty houseguest, however, found it hard to act manly and tough for she is a true-blue kikay. But Big Brother's real challenge for the housemates was for them to write a short rap song in honor of Jon. The hunky housemate had indeed earned a reputation with his knack in songwriting and hidden fantasy of becoming a rap icon. Will the housemates impress Jon with their music?