Jon vs Will: The Iron Kings


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The two hunks of the housefaced off in this "hot" episode of Uber. Jon and Will battled to see who reigns supreme ironing as many clothes as they can. They must ensure that all clothes are perfectly pressed without a single fold or crumple. But having been both raised abroad, Jon in UK and Will in US, will the two easily learn how to use the native "plantsang de uling?"

Jon had help from Yayo, Mcoy, and Donnie, while Will had Ruben, Baron, and Megan by his side. In Round 1, Jon and Will competed to iron out as many clothes as they can, but they had to use the old-fashioned "planstang de uling." On Big Brother's signal, the two "plansta" hunks started the chore. Will took some time to learn how to iron a shirt, but Jon, on the other hand, had an easy time since, as he told Kuya, he had been ironing his own clothes since he was young. Because of this advantage, Jon managed to win the round after ironing out three shirts compared to Will who only finished two.

But in Round 2, the competition became more physical as Jon and Will ironed the clothes while on the housemates' body. Even though the two houseboys used an electric flat iron, the hard part was to carefully pressed the clothes without burning their mates's skin. Good thing that pads were placed underneath the clothing to protect the housemates from the hot flat iron. The other team members, despite being scared, willingly helped Jon and Will in accomplishing this task. But after a few minutes, Big Brother called off the game and took the clothes to see which ones were perfectly pressed.

Jon Gets A Visit From His Mom!


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Among all the housemates, it was only Jon who was not able to receive a gift from a loved one when Ms. Kris Aquino visited them last Monday. This naturally filled everyone with curiosity since it's so unlike Big Brother to make any of housemate feel left out.

Seeing that nothing was forthcoming, the English Outcast asked around if they think he had done something wrong, hence this sort of punishment from Kuya. It was Mariel who sweetly assured him not to worry about it since he is the "best housemate" after all. Still, Jon took the matter to Big Brother two days ago. This time, he was reassured of the same thing. Of course, he has something for all his residents. It's just that his present for him is yet to come, Kuya explained.

And that time has finally arrived tonight! He was given a 100-second encounter with his mom to help him cope with the recent death of his Nanang Tacing. In the midst of the boys chore to dump the water from the kiddie pool to the surrounding plants outside, Jon was suddenly called in the confession room for this wonderful surprise.

But before that, PBB Host Ms. Toni Gonzaga had a brief talk with Mrs. Tess Mullaly first. As a son, she affirmed that Jonathan is really quiet by nature, giving the impression that he is a snob. However, he begins to warm up to people given enough time, she added. When asked about her opinion regarding the blossoming closeness between Jon and Mariel, it seemed that she really approved of their friendship.

Then with Big Brother signal, Mrs. Mullaly immediately went to see her son, showering him with kisses on the spot. Tears ran down his face as he mentioned his deceased aunt. It goes without saying that the presence of family mutually eased the pain of their loss and difficulties at the moment. On a lighter note, the two exchanged compliments before the special visit ended.