Being Jon Avila


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When the housemates got out of the confession room, Gaby was tasked to pick a name from the fishbowl. She then picked Jon's name, and all of them immediately wore the colorful boardshorts that Big Brother gave for them to have a more "Jon" feel. They also improvised their sandos, the sexy wifebeater being the signature outfit of the Fil-British hunk. Of course, the housemates all spoke in a deep voice with a matching English accent.

The other housemates also thought of holding a coffee mug and nibbling on the stirrer while relaxing in the garden. Incidentally, they frequently catch Jon in this familiar pose. However, Yayo was puzzled on how could one find pleasure in biting a piece of plastic since after a few minutes of doing so brought a strain on her jaw. On the other hand, while Jon was busy grilling seafood for lunch, he could only laugh as he watched his good friends turn into a bunch of copycats. Ethel even carried the oven toaster with her because apparently, Jon was given by his Kris Kringle "parent" last night some special french toasts kept inside the toaster. The sexy-comediane even shouted "I am not a user!" probably to make a joke out of the "user" accusation that she once made against Jon over a month ago.

Another thing that made Jon laugh was watching his close friend Mariel copy his moves. The pretty houseguest, however, found it hard to act manly and tough for she is a true-blue kikay. But Big Brother's real challenge for the housemates was for them to write a short rap song in honor of Jon. The hunky housemate had indeed earned a reputation with his knack in songwriting and hidden fantasy of becoming a rap icon. Will the housemates impress Jon with their music?

Jon vs Will: The Iron Kings


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The two hunks of the housefaced off in this "hot" episode of Uber. Jon and Will battled to see who reigns supreme ironing as many clothes as they can. They must ensure that all clothes are perfectly pressed without a single fold or crumple. But having been both raised abroad, Jon in UK and Will in US, will the two easily learn how to use the native "plantsang de uling?"

Jon had help from Yayo, Mcoy, and Donnie, while Will had Ruben, Baron, and Megan by his side. In Round 1, Jon and Will competed to iron out as many clothes as they can, but they had to use the old-fashioned "planstang de uling." On Big Brother's signal, the two "plansta" hunks started the chore. Will took some time to learn how to iron a shirt, but Jon, on the other hand, had an easy time since, as he told Kuya, he had been ironing his own clothes since he was young. Because of this advantage, Jon managed to win the round after ironing out three shirts compared to Will who only finished two.

But in Round 2, the competition became more physical as Jon and Will ironed the clothes while on the housemates' body. Even though the two houseboys used an electric flat iron, the hard part was to carefully pressed the clothes without burning their mates's skin. Good thing that pads were placed underneath the clothing to protect the housemates from the hot flat iron. The other team members, despite being scared, willingly helped Jon and Will in accomplishing this task. But after a few minutes, Big Brother called off the game and took the clothes to see which ones were perfectly pressed.

Jon Gets A Visit From His Mom!


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Among all the housemates, it was only Jon who was not able to receive a gift from a loved one when Ms. Kris Aquino visited them last Monday. This naturally filled everyone with curiosity since it's so unlike Big Brother to make any of housemate feel left out.

Seeing that nothing was forthcoming, the English Outcast asked around if they think he had done something wrong, hence this sort of punishment from Kuya. It was Mariel who sweetly assured him not to worry about it since he is the "best housemate" after all. Still, Jon took the matter to Big Brother two days ago. This time, he was reassured of the same thing. Of course, he has something for all his residents. It's just that his present for him is yet to come, Kuya explained.

And that time has finally arrived tonight! He was given a 100-second encounter with his mom to help him cope with the recent death of his Nanang Tacing. In the midst of the boys chore to dump the water from the kiddie pool to the surrounding plants outside, Jon was suddenly called in the confession room for this wonderful surprise.

But before that, PBB Host Ms. Toni Gonzaga had a brief talk with Mrs. Tess Mullaly first. As a son, she affirmed that Jonathan is really quiet by nature, giving the impression that he is a snob. However, he begins to warm up to people given enough time, she added. When asked about her opinion regarding the blossoming closeness between Jon and Mariel, it seemed that she really approved of their friendship.

Then with Big Brother signal, Mrs. Mullaly immediately went to see her son, showering him with kisses on the spot. Tears ran down his face as he mentioned his deceased aunt. It goes without saying that the presence of family mutually eased the pain of their loss and difficulties at the moment. On a lighter note, the two exchanged compliments before the special visit ended.

Jonathan Mullaly


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Personal Data

  • Real Name: Jonathan Mullaly
  • Nickname: Jon
  • Origin:United Kingdom
  • Age: 22
  • Birthdate: September 1
  • Place of Birth:United Kingdom
  • Nationality: Irish-Filipino
  • Occupation: Model
  • Sports: Boxing
  • Hidden Ambition: To be a Hollywood actor
  • Claim to Fame: Century Tuna Superbod 2006, BenchBody model
  • Charity: Tahanang Sta. Luisa, Quezon City
Educational Background
  • Elementary: na
  • High School: na
  • College: na
  • Viewers know Jon for his good looks and admirable body. However, despite the fame he is experiencing now, Jon has not had an easy life growing up in London. Jon struggled with harsh racial discrimination since he was the only Asian in school. Because of being constantly ostracized by his schoolmates, Jon's self-esteem hit rock bottom. The bullying finally came to an end when he entered college where he found real friends.
  • Then he traveled to the Philippines in search of a new life, but to his disappointment, more trials and difficulties came his way. Jon recalls the time when he used to live in a small room with no air con and electricity. For some time, he slept on a cheap mattress, feeling lonely and missing the company of family and friends. But just like a true Filipino, Jon managed to rise above all the hardships. He persevered to fend for himself, shedding off some extra pounds and later becoming one of the most sought after male models in the country. Despite the Western upbringing, Jon never forgot his Filipino roots. When he came back to the Philippines, he felt a greater privilege of being liked by Filipinos.

Mariel Rodriguez reluctantly joins Jon Avila and Ethel Booba inside Kuya's House


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Big Brother took everyone by surprise when he "declared" Mariel Rodriguez a celebrity housemate through a letter that was read by Uber co-host Bianca Gonzalez yesterday, October 17.

No one was more shocked than the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 host herself, who thought she was just accompanying newly arrived housemate Jon Avila inside the confession room. Mariel was doing her usual hosting routine for PBB Celebrity Uber when Big Brother informed her that she would be staying inside his house for a while. This was totally unexpected, and probably scary for her, especially since she has always been outspoken about her greatest fear—being locked up inside the house as a housemate.

Apparently, this twist had been planned out well by Big Brother, with the host's manager, Boy Abunda, in the know. A pre-taped VTR of his message was shown to Mariel and the housemates, telling her not to blame Kuya but himself. Boy said he believed she would be a better person when her time inside the Big Brother house was up.

Mariel told the housemates that there had been hints and signs that she would be tricked into something like this—her schedule was blocked off for the next two weeks—but she didn't really give it serious thought. On the part of Big Brother, this was the only way he could get Mariel. He had been trying to convince her since PBB Celebrity Season 1 but she was always adamant in remaining outside the house's confines.

Now that Mariel is not just the "Kapitbahay ni Kuya" but a certified housemate, would there be some connivance between her and Big Brother, like a special personal task of snooping around the housemates?

Joining Mariel and the other housemates are Jon Avila, who entered the house during Uber Live, wearing only board shorts that displayed his killer abs, and Ethel Booba, who gave the housemates a show during Primetime live. The three complete the roster of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 housemates.

Aspiring model-actor Jon Avila pissed off by comment about his nationality


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Unang naisulat dito sa PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) si Jon Avila, one of the newest Bench endorsers and part of ABS-CBN Star Magic Batch 15.

Formerly using his real name Jon Mullaly, Jon was the 2006 male winner of Century Tuna Super Body. He was born and raised in Stratford, east of London. He took up business course in Chelmsford College.

Isang fly-in model ang half-Irish, half-Filipino si Jon. Sinuwerte siya sa pagkakapanalo sa Century Tuna Super Bod at nagsunud-sunod na ang kanyang endorsements at modeling projects, including a full poster for Bench na nasa EDSA pa rin hanggang ngayon.

The original article of PEP about Jon was posted here last May 31. Isang deleted nang comment ang nagkuwestiyon sa kanyang nationality. Hindi raw totoong taga-Britain siya, dito lang siya sa Pilipinas lumaki at fake ang kanyang accent.

Nabasa ni Jon ang naturang comment the first time it was posted.

Sa party ng isa pang miyembro ng Star Magic Batch 15 na si Jordan Aguilar noong August 31, naitanong na rin namin kay Jon ito at nagkaroon kami ng maikling kuwentuhan noon. Pero dahil sa maingay, hindi namin nakuha ang full statement niya.

Sa presscon ng September-born stars of Star Magic kagabi, September 26, sa ABS-CBN building, muli kaming nagkausap ni Jon at ito ang naging topic namin.

"Yeah, I remember reading that comment. Kapal ng mukha niya!" sabi ni Jon in his very authentic British accent na mahirap ma-maintain kung aral lang ito.

"They never saw my passport, why should they say something like that? They're weird," aniya pa.

Nilabas ni Jon ang kanyang U.K. driver's license. It reads his full name Jonathan Mullaly at current pa ang license until 2008. Embedded ang picture niya sa mismong ID.

Normally daw, he wouldn't answer rumors kahit ano pa ‘yon. Pero naasar siya na pati ang nationality niya at ang kanyang accent ay pagdududahan pa.

Jon turned 22 last September 1st. May commercial na rin siya. Isa siya sa tatlong lalaking tumatakbo sa forest sa Bench commercial in briefs; the other two being Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate Bruce Quebral and recent Urian Best Supporting Actor winner Rafael Rosell.

Kasali si Jon sa sinu-shooting nang Star Cinema movie, starring Aga Muhlach and Anne Curtis, na may working title na Waiting for Love.